Business Barcamp: Venture Camp in Rome 06-10-2007

Next saturday in Rome will be held the VentureCamp is a BarCamp dedicated to Venture Capital.

People from around the world will share experiences and needs, either from VCs or entrepreneurs perspectives. If you want to know more about Venture Capitals and Start-ups, or if you wish to tell your story join us at the John Cabot University, in Via della Lungara 233 in the very center of Rome.

Richard C. Boly from the U.S. Embassy in Rome – Programme Manager of Partnership for growth – and Jaqueline Maggi from the John Cabot University are among organizers, as Fabio Scriptavolant Masetti who originally asked me to join months ago.

Among Venture Capitalists, Arturo Artom from Your Truman Show, Luigi Amati from META Group, Giacomo Marini from Noventi.

Among high tech enterprises, besides the candidates to become “gazelles”, I am happy to see that Fabrizio Capobianco from Funambol will join the event, and also old friends like Marco Rossi from Movenda on behalf of the First Generation Network.

Media coverage seems also pretty good, Alessio Jacona for Blogs4biz, Amanda Lorenzani for blognation Italy, Livia Iacolare for Intruders TV and Leo Sorge for Più Blog just to name some of them.

Last but not least, I see also many friends are coming over, among them Andrea Gumina, Nexttlab CEO (Andrea, take a moment to correct your URI), Nicola Mattina, Tara Kelly, Luca Sartoni, Antonio Pavolini, and Roldano De Persio.

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