Open Source e-learning: Italian conference on e-learning and multimedia

Today in Agrigento has been held the Italian Conference on e-learning and multimedia, an event aimed at disseminating multimedia and e-learning practices and researches’ results.

I really enjoyed joining the conference, actually covering few different topics related to applications, infrastructures, but also pedagogic research and teaching and learning strategies.

Among speakers, professor Gianni Messina – who kindly invited me to give a speech on my professional blogging experience – spoke about tourism applications and media education. He mentioned also a weird and funny medieval help desk!

Little surprise I had not been the only speaker talking about Open Source at the conference. Professor Giuseppe Adorni talking about the EPICT project mentioned the usage of Joomla!, Plone and Mediawiki.

Starting from my blog experience I introduced students and researchers to different blogging styles, mentioning possible usage with Libraries, and stressing the importance of RSS (ignoring RSS is also listed within “How NOT to use blogs in education“). I found students interested into blog metrics, so I spent some time talking about page-rank, technorati, blog juice and “how much is your blog worth“.

Talking about blog platforms I spent few words about WordPress and MovableType, showing a comparative graph reporting WordPress taking over SixApart.

I ended mentioning new blog trends, going from video-blogging to mobile-blogging (jaiku, twitter & Co.), and eventually enjoing a great dinner with participants and organizers.

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