Open Source myths: Carlo Daffara asks your input on Groklaw

Carlo Daffara wrote an article, that is part of the project FLOSSMETRICS, answering the Tim O’Reilly‘s “Ten Myths about Open Source Software“, a keynote speech given in 1999 to an audience of Fortune 500 executives.
Since those myths are still perceived as true at some extent, Carlo tried to provide some pragmatic answers and asks for your opinions on Groklaw, so far 318 comments are already listed!

May I request your input? This article is part of our research in the EU project FLOSSMETRICS, where we are preparing a guide for helping small and medium-sized enterprises on the adoption of free/libre/open source software (FLOSS). As the first version of the guide will be ready soon, I would ask my fellow Groklawers for suggestions on what additional aspects you would like to see in the guide, as the results will be freely published under a CC-attribution-share-alike, allowing also for commercial use. We already have planned chapters on software selection, adoption methodologies (especially for the smaller companies), guidelines for contributing code to FLOSS projects, interaction with public administrations, and an initial selection of 50-60 interesting packages for SMEs. I welcome suggestions on additional topics, and of course criticisms and corrections.

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