Open Source Future, Open Source tweets, Google Open Source Contest, Aras Open Source Strategy: links 1-12-2007

Certification aka “Some Assembly Required” – Billy Marshall, rPath CEO, is critical of Red Hat Appliance Operating System program. While Billy could be considered a “biased” source, he raised some interesting issues.

Open Source Map site faces success and growing pain – The Inquirer reports about the Buenos Aires GIS unit’s experience on running the city’s official map site on open source software.

GNU PDF – John Dowdell (Adobe) points to the Free Software Foundation GNU PDF project, read the full story at

Quality Open Source Calendaring / Scheduling? – Does posing questions to AskSlashdot worth? Jim R. Wilson asked about open source alternatives to Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, Novell Groupwise, and Google Calendar, read the answers.

Open source’s future: More Microsoft, bigger talent shortages – According to Raven Zachary the open source industry in 2008 will be marked by more news out of big IT vendors, less start-up funding, more M&A activity, and an increasingly serious talent shortage.

The Breadth of “Commercial” Use – Tom Hoffman on the importance of commercial use, answering to Stephen Downes criticizing the Cape Town Declaration.
Tweet Scan – Thanks to David Sterry you can search in real-time for Open Source tweets by now.

Google launches open source contest – The Highly Open Participation Contest will give pre-university students (over the age of 13) a list of challenges submitted by 10 open source organisations. Yet another open source mediation initiative by google, enjoy until 22th of January 2008!

Pure play open source Microsoft ISV details transformation from proprietary worldAras Corporation, an ISV based in Andover (Massachusetts) launched an open source Product Lifecycle Management product released under an OSI approved Microsoft License. Read Dana’s post, who joined the event where Marc Lind, VP Marketing at Aras, presented Aras’ s Open Source Strategy.