Business Development: Adobe going open source

Adobe Systems yesterday announced that is going to release the Flex SDK under the Mozilla Public License (MPL). The beta version of the next Flex release is scheduled for June, while the full release of open-source Flex will be available at the end of 2007.

Go!Go, go, go! by S.Affandi

This announcement expands on Adobe’s commitment to open technology initiatives, including the contribution of source code for the ActionScript Virtual Machine to the Mozilla Foundation under the Tamarin project, the use of the open source WebKit engine in the “Apollo” project, and the release of the full PDF 1.7 specification for ISO standardization.

James Governor sounds enthusiast, as reported by Linux insider:

The fact that it has open sourced its future rather than its past is very key.

Lately Governor made it even more clear in his post talking about his customer’s vision:

[..] I think the Flex SDK OSS decision says something interesting about the status of the industry in 2007. Why do we open source? To save money? No- to attract developers.

We already saw Google doing similar things, and Adobe might really end up allowing external committers, exploring the hybrid production model at its best.

Let’s see how people at RedMonk will drive them open!(and a memo for myself: add Mark Anders’s blog to your blog-roll)

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