Open Source and Social Responsibility, some random thoughts

Bradley M. Kuhn, FLOSS Community Liaison and Technology Director of Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC), asks if contributing to FLOSS is becoming a social cause, as he received a phone call from someone involved with a socially responsible investment house.

Social ResponsibilitySocial Responsibility by Casallart

My friend Stefano Maffulli wonders if free software is closer to be perceived as a social clause, suggesting that we might need a way to measure how close the actions of corporations are to the values of the Free Software movement.

While I am not convinced it is feasible to measure what he calls the “Free Software Fairness Index”, I see that Jonathan Schwartz in 2007 published the first Sun’s Corporate Social Responsibility report, while corporate/social responsibility advocates asked the Oracle board to issue an Open Source Social Responsibility Report to shareholders.

Are we really entering an era where FLOSS issues are on the socially responsible criteria list for investors, as Bradley hopes?

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