Commercial Open Source Blog: Fifth Year in Review

Commercial Open Source blog has passed its fifth year, and as every year it is time to zoom a little back once more, and maybe tell how things will work from now on.

SOS Open Source has still been my primary focus for a large part of this year, you may want to have a look at articles about  metrics, Open Source Application Lifecycle Management tools, white-papers and surveys. More will come, but definitely at a slower pace. So said, today you’ll find online the latest, about Zentyal.

Conferencing. Over the last year I have been charing Red Hat, SUSE and Google events, organizing a second series of events around open source for IBM (here the last of the year), giving speeches at few Cloud events and Open Data meet-ups.

The Open Source Road ahead has been a frequent theme for a while, maybe I’ll look into OSI’s future again, especially if the new appointed board will come up with interesting news.

EU-funded open source projects. After years spent talking about EU-funded projects it’s time to give them a try: I’m finally working on some proposals, plus I’ll be evaluating and reviewing projects.

About the future of Commercial Open Source blog. I’ll be writing blog entries time by time, but I’ll hardly doing it on a regular basis, though. My actual job is filling up my days nicely, and all my spare time goes to my family and especially to my lovely baby girl that makes my days and nights!

PR Agencies, open source vendors and projects with a commercial aim are highly invited to provide me with news, I’ll make this blog more open to external inputs as far as related to open source and business.

I wish to thank again my webmaster Matteo, best whishes for your WordPress-based SuperThemes venture!