The Open Source Road Ahead – About Put an End to Vendor Lock-in

OSI logoFew days after my blog post about OSI’s possible future,  OSI wrote a second statement on the CPTN transaction, somehow reaffirming my concerns about a maybe too narrowed view on software patents. Now that even Groaklaw gave up with software patents  - rightly in my opinion – leaving it to IT giants and patent-trolls, will OSI fight software patents as a whole?

While waiting to understand how OSI will behave in this respect, we might move on other topics, like how OSI could fulfill its mission.

About how to put an end to vendor lock-in.

Simon Phipps offered some suggestions on how to judge a project’s governance, and people like me worked on how to evaluate an open source project as a whole, actually giving an higher mark to multi-parties projects. OSI could definitely work on developing a benchmark to allow people to assess projects’ levels of vendor lock-in.

How would you like that?