Open Source Business Intelligence: Gartner yawns too

Just few days later IDC survey yesterday at Gartner Business Intelligence Summit Bill Hostmann, opening keynote, was quite dismissive of open-source BI .

investigatingInvestigating the chicken coop.. by Meffi

[the term is becoming] kind of like the word ‘organic’ in the grocery business. It’s starting to lose its meaning, with some ‘open-source’ vendors demanding licensing fees. Open source is promising, but the business models and products haven’t kept up with the commercial products.

Seth Grimes, analyst and columnist consulting for Pentaho, points out that there is no trace of open-source BI in Gartner’s 2007 BI magic quadrantthat is no news – as results also from Nigel Pendse impressions:

the proprietary BI software vendors seem to be genuinely unconcerned by OSBI [Open Source Business Intelligence]. They never mention it to me, and they seem quite surprised if I ask them about it. A few have looked at products like Pentaho and seem totally unimpressed/unconcerned. I guess they don’t sell into [the open-source world] anyway, and therefore aren’t losing any business to OSBI that they are aware of.

Is Open Source Business Intelligence the next disruptive innovation case?
Less demanding and more price-sensitive customers might help OSBI products to grow, but low-cost disruptive innovation needs low-cost/high volume business models.

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