Open Source Recruitment: BMC hires Will Hurley

BMC on friday announced that known Open Source “veteran” William Hurley – a.k.a. “Whurley” – joined the company as Chief Architect of Open Source Strategy.

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Hurley, formerly at Qlusters, has been hired for:

creating BMC’s open source agenda and overseeing the company’s participation in various free and open source software communities to advance the adoption and integration of BSM solutions.

I agree with Alex Fletcher, commenting that:

The challenge for BMC lies in identifying the correct strategy which is most closely aligned with an appropriate participation model, all within the context of their business needs. [..] Though it remains sufficiently difficult to monitor the effectiveness of internal corporate strategies from the outside, BMC’s activity in the open source domain over the remaining three quarters of this year, should show some signs of increase.

Let’s see how BMC will move toward open source, while waiting listen to Hurley’s podcast.

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