FileZilla Server 1.0 is out and you’ll love it!

Back in Octobre 2019 we started developing a brand new version of the FileZilla Server, as we wanted to leave the technical debt of the old version behind us. Today I am proud to announce the public availability of the first stable release of the new version! Read below to learn more.

Originally we were aiming to ship a first version by the end of 2020. Eventually we started shipping a first release candidate by the end of June this year, though. It must be said that the first version comes with all the important features of the old one plus Let’s Encrypt native support and other great features are behind the corner (user impersonation, multi-platform support and more).

I wish to take the opportunity to publicly thank the Open Technology Fund for sponsoring the Let’s Encrypt feature and some of others to come. OpenCollective backers have been nice too, providing some financial support and a lot of encouragement. 

FileZilla Server is released under the AGPL 3.0 and it is freely available from the developer’s site download page. 

Give it a try, it is fast and reliable!