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ApacheCon Europe: OpenOffice Extensions and Templates

Among SourceForge partnerships I have been working on, Apache OpenOffice has a special place in my heart, since before I have been a member of the original community for almost 9 years.

Today I was supposed to be at the ApacheCon Europe, and give the OpenOffice Extensions and Templates talk, focusing on:

  • how SourceForge re-engineered both Apache OpenOffice Extensions and Templates websites;
  • how to create a simple Extension/Template;
  • throw few ideas about how to improve both Extensions and Templates websites.

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Congrats Apache OpenOffice!

apache openoffice(tm) logoToday the Apache Software Foundation announced that Apache OpenOffice ™ is a top level project, and I really wish to congratulate with the Apache OpenOffice Community to have achieved this important milestone.

It has been wonderful to have the rare opportunity to participate to a project both as volunteer and as Geeknet’s employee (now Dice, in case you missed the news).

I’m sure we are just at the start of a new journey!

Read more at SourceForge blog.

More than just a Forge

SourceForge just a forge? Not quite, not anymore. SourceForge is investing time and resources to help open source projects to grow, and we do that through numerous ways. Take our recent collaboration with one of the most famous open source projects: the OpenOffice project, now incubated at the Apache Software Foundation.

SourceForge helps the Apache OpenOffice by serving downloads for the Extensions and the Templates sites, as well as the shortly upcoming Apache OpenOffice 3.4 Release.

Read the full article at SourceForge blog. Finds Home at the Apache Foundation it is now an Apache Incubator proposal, and IBM has officially committed to contribute to the project, thanks to Oracle’s donation of the code base to Apache.

In the closing remarks of the last blog entry around this topic I threw the idea of using an existing foundation, and I am glad to see that this eventually became a reality. I have been already writing about Incubation at Apache before, you can learn more about it directly at the Apache Software Foundation blog.

Let’s try now to better understand what OOo at Apache means for everyone.

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