ApacheCon Europe: OpenOffice Extensions and Templates

Among SourceForge partnerships I have been working on, Apache OpenOffice has a special place in my heart, since before I have been a member of the original OpenOfffice.org community for almost 9 years.

Today I was supposed to be at the ApacheCon Europe, and give the OpenOffice Extensions and Templates talk, focusing on:

  • how SourceForge re-engineered both Apache OpenOffice Extensions and Templates websites;
  • how to create a simple Extension/Template;
  • throw few ideas about how to improve both Extensions and Templates websites.

While I couldn’t attend because I’ve been suffering from a food poisoning for the last days, I am glad my friend and Apache OpenOffice PMC Chair Andrea Pescetti has been kind enough to give the speech on my behalf.

Below the deck used for the presentation, look forward to hear your feedback and suggestions either here or at ooo-dev mailing list.

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