EU-funded Projects and Online Dissemination (part II)

EU-funded Projects and Online Dissemination” inspired some reactions, also from one of the Future Networks projects: the SAIL project.

Johan Myrberger – Head of Multimedia Campus at Ericsson – replied to my suggestions with a blog entry around Online Dissemination, an interesting opportunity to talk more about FP7 dissemination do’s and don’ts.

About Choosing the Right Domain Name.

The internet is full of good resources around this topic, let’s try to turn them in specific hints. Let’s start by saying that even if you already bought a domain – as actually SALE project did – you can also register more domains.

In fact as Johan explains, the main audience is people outside the project. For such audience is highly unlikely that they will ever search for SAIL, and even in that case they would hardly find the SAIL website among the first search results.

Brainstorming around “future networks”, “internet of the future” and similar keywords should help to find a better name.

About Using Other Social Media.

Johan rightly says that media like Linkedin can be used to promote a SAIL-branded group, and that individuals can engage in conversations related to SAIL engaging in discussion with other groups. In order to be effective, an accurate analysis of Linkedin groups is necessary. Here some examples: “The Network of the Future” Research Forum, Future of the Internet, Irish Future Internet Forum.

SAIL got a twitter account, but they didn’t start to use it yet. The earlier they start to use it, the sooner people will follow them and engage with.

Transparency Still Matter.

EU-funded projects’ transparency matters, and information about the Description of Works should be public, maybe stripping away only financial details and consortia related confidential information. I would warmly recommend SAIL project and all other projects to share this kind of information from the very beginning.

Sometimes transparency is not enough, though.

NESSI Work Packages description is almost detailed, but I couldn’t find some deliverables (e.g. D6.1. Analysis of OSS licenses and compatibility issues; D6.2. NESSI open source licensing policy; D6.4. Business models and economic impact of OSS; etc).

Where are all those deliverables?