EU-funded Open Source Initiatives: NESSI’s Missing Deliverables

NESSI, is the “European Technology Platforms” – i.e. industry-led consortia considered by the EU relevant discussion partners to discuss how to achieve Europe’s future growth, competitiveness and sustainability objectives – and its declared strategic objective was to support the evolution from software to services. Not suprisingly open source was supposed to play a major role, but things went differently.

Despite the EU backed NESSI with  about 1 million euros, the Open Source Working Group did very little. As I noticed before NESSI WP description mentions deliverables that never got delivered.

Update: I have been asked from one of the contacts I mentioned to remove all companies’ and organizations’ names. You can find the list in the NESSI Open Source Working Group Manifesto mentioned above.

Until now no news about those deliverables, though.