European Open Source Projects: transparency pays

European Community is known to finance many projects regarding Open Source Software, and it would be interesting to know more about such public spending.

Few days ago Alberto Sillitti, from the university of Bozen, one of the Qualipso members, asked me to join a Qualipso’s workshop that will be held in Limerick, within the Third International Conference on Open Source Systems. He kindly asked me to join the meeting to bring over my thinking, and to get myself prepared I went through their website and other projects’ websites.

I enjoyed the FLOSSMetrics approach, fully disclosing their description of work (PDF), stripped only from some confidential information. Reading their document (53 pages long) I found all possible details about the project, including the project management and exploitation/dissemination plan and the detailed Workplan.


Kudos to FLOSSMetrics to choose transparency, but it is worth to notice that many other projects did the same, checkout yourself searching IST Projects “Description of work”.

My first suggestion to Qualipso: made public your description of work, transparency pays.

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