GPL: OpenLogic experts say yes, Moglen thanks giving a speech

OpenLogic yesterday announced the results of a survey regarding the draft of the GPL v3, showing that OpenLogic Expert Community members are positive about the most recent draft of the GPLv3.

Forty-five Expert Community members corresponded, many of whom participate in more than one open source project.
— 50% of the respondents said that they believe GPLv3 is good for open source. — 29.5% are not sure — 15.9% said they do not believe GPL v3 is good for open source However, respondents also have concerns about provisions of Draft 3. — 57% were concerned about provisions around patent issues — 57% were concerned about provisions around digital rights management — 43% were concerned about provisions around the use of GPL-covered programs in consumer devices Of respondents that are working on GPLv2 projects — 71% would be in favor of some or all of these projects moving to GPLv3 — 77% thought that it would take a year or less for their projects to move to GPLv3 once the final version of GPLv3 was released.

Eben Moglen, co-author of GPL v3, will participate in an OpenLogic webinar on May 17 to talk more about the GPL v3 and what it means to enterprises.

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