Open Source Migration: diary of a migration

A living diary gives Senokian Solutions, an open source consulting firm based in UK, a powerful and risky voice to let the IT decision makers know about how do they cope with migrations to Open Source.

diaryDiary by Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel

Mercian Labels, a UK security label printer, has told to have commenced its migration, supported by Senokian Solutions, because of reliability and upgrade cost concerns, and they are keeping a blog to tell us daily about their journey.

Mercian Labels has commenced its migration away from Microsoft to Open Source software because of reliability and upgrade cost concerns. Supported by Senokian Solutions, the company is blogging its experiences of moving a whole small business IT infrastructure to open source, offering a vital case study resource for SMEs considering a similar move.

Googling around I sorted out that Mercian Labels is not new to represent a case study, and considering that last time they managed the following results, I am looking forward to see what will happen now with this migration.


Lead-time improved from 70% of orders being dispatched in 5 days to 80+% orders being dispatched in less than 3 days, with no extra staff or infrastructure. This also led to a 50% increase in goods delivered within target time.

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