SourceForge Traffic Distribution: A Picture is Worth a Thousands Words

sourceforge Global Traffic Distribution Map (July 2010)One year ago, talking about open source adoption in Italian Public Administrations, I reported some SourceForge traffic distribution numbers, showing that Italy was at the fourth place after Brasil.

Italy before was used to be at the third place, but the impact of open source in Brazil was and actually is, definitely stronger. Let’s have a look at the big picture, and how Europe and BRIC countries are today, as of the 29th of July 2010.

While you are looking at SourceForge traffic distribution by countries, read also the numbers.

SourceForge Global Traffic Distribution by Countries (July 2010)US (blue) is at the first place, followed by Brazil (9.93%), Germany (6.46%), France (5.59%) and eventually Italy (4.28%). Globally Europe exceeds 40% of the global traffic (Western Europe ~ 16%, Southern and Eastern Europe both  ~ 9%, and Northern Europe ~ 7%), while Americas are around 35% and Asia slightly under 19%.

BRIC collectively holds over 18% of the world traffic, more than USA.

Disclosure. I am a member of SourceForge advisory board.