Open Source Links: 28-06-2007

The Open Source CEO: Gianugo Rabellino, Sourcesense (Part 16) – Matt Asay keeps interviewing Open Source CEOs, a bit like my blog category “my meetings” (great minds do think alike!;-). This time is Gianugo’s turn, and he beat me to it!

Solving the Open Source Conundrum – Glyn Moody talking of the problem with the term “open source” brings IBM software patents into the debate, not sure I like the approach.

GPLv3 due on Friday 29th – After a year and a half, GPLv3 is finally due this Friday, June 29th.

W3C Public Conference – Public Not Invited – A meeting about “Toward More Transparent Government” was suuposed to be public, when CNet attempted to cover it, the meaning of “Public” was reversed to mean “Closed to public”.

ODF is not open source, is open standard – Bob Sutor suggests to divorce open source from open standards, and I insist saying that European IT companies should pay more attention to the swpat debate.

Something strange about WordPress – James Governor on WordPress, also my platform of choice. I take the chance to send him a meme about Open Source Franchising. 😉