Queplix didn’t go Open, but for a Reason

I have been already writing about Queplix, a vendor pretending to be the only enterprise level commercial open source vendor. Two years later Steven Yaskin reconnect with me to tell me more about his company.

Roberto, we are really grateful for your early-on insights and your ability to share our vision before we raised money and started selling our technology big time. If you would like I can send you our progress info/product positioning now and we can discuss.

thanks for your time and continued interest in the Queplix! Since you posted your initial commentary on Queplix, we had undergone dramatic changes as a company and developed our products so much further. We raised VC money and moved to California and repositioned Queplix as a Data Virtualization Software platform and secured a dozen Fortune 500 companies as customers in US and Europe. We were able to create our own “blue ocean” by being pioneers in a new disruptive field and now on a way to take the Data Virtualization mainstream. Our products evolved into DV naturally, starting from legacy conversion into cloud to enabling enterprise search to work with structured application data in a secure and relevant way.

There is no sign left of their “open source roots“, and I must say Matt Asay was totally right.

Queplix is rather building its business by delivering new-market disruptive innovation, and it comes with no suprise that they are not giving away their ‘ocean’.

Strategic decisions about what to keep secret and what to make open should come out of a deep analysis of which are your value propositions and core competencies, and changing direction is always an option. I would consider the opportunity to not remove old open source links though, maybe updating those pages and explaining the change of strategy.

Open or not, transparency pays.