Open Source Prize: Google Summer of Code deadline is approaching

If you are a student interested in participating to Google Summer of Code 2007 – no longer accepting applications from open source organizations – you have to submit your applications by the March 24th deadline. Thomas Cort succesfully participated last year and he is sharing through his blog some suggestion for your applications.

summer of codeSummer of Code Brazilian poster by omaciel

explain what the project is and what will be accomplished, explain why you are perfect for the project, convince them that you won’t drop out half way through, show some previous Free software or school work you’ve done so that they know you aren’t full of crap, popular projects ideas may get many good applications so choose your desired project carefully, become familiar with the organization that you wish to participate in, and know what you are getting yourself into. The best way to do the last two is to actually read through the project’s website and browse some of the code.

By the way no student has applied to the province of Rome contest yet. If you live here please take your chance!

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