Open Source Prize: the province of Rome launches a contest

ColosseoColosseo by Screenweek

The Italian province of Rome is organising a contest for young Open Source software programmers, ‘Oggi programmo io’ (Today I code). Rome hopes the event will help foster the use of this type of software. The best three contestants will win 4.500, 2.500 and 1.000 euros.

Participation in the contest is open to everybody between 18 and 24 years of age living in the province. The contestants need to develop a completely new application that may be based on existing Open Source software. It should provide an original solution to typical public administration tasks. The winning applications will be made available on the website of the province.

The contest is an initiative of the the e-government department of the province of Rome. Its main objective is to provide young programmers in the province with incentives to develop Open Source software. It also aims to create a community around applications developed especially for local public administration.

The software has to be submitted to the province before the end of March.

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