Focus Group Open Source 2011, Second Event

The second event of the Focus Group Open Source series has been held yesterday in Milan, at the IBM Forum, all presentations have been uploaded. Sergio Sansonetti – IBMer and host –  welcomed the audience talking about the Focus Group initiative and presenting all the speakers.

After presenting some quick facts of the historical background of Linux I invited Fiorello Cortiana to share his experience and vision around open source for Public Administrations. Andrea Trentini later gave a talk about how free software is taking at the Milan university.

Massimiliano Belardi – Sales Specialist at IBM – joined us for the second time with his talk about IBM continued engagement with Linux, providing the audience with more insights and case-history details. Marco De Felice – Delphis Informatica CEO – gave a speech around his experiences with helping customers to evalute and eventually perform z Series migrations.

Read more at the Focus Group website.