European Open Source Observatory news – 30 March 2007

IDABC‘s Monthly Open Source News Service has been just released. The Open Source Observatory ‘s monthly new service keeps us updated on news related to the use of FLOSS in the European Public Sector.

Some interesting spots:

IT: Umbria to promote Open Source in schools
Open Source News – 27 March 2007 – Italy – Policies and Announcements

The regional government of Umbria is investing 100.000 euro to promote the use of Open Source in local schools. The Italian region will soon train students, teachers and education management in the use of this type of software.

DK: Open standards made mandatory
Open Source news – 19 March 2007 – Denmark – Policies and announcements

Denmark is making the use of open standards mandatory in state, region and municipal governments starting next year. This was announced on February 23rd by Helge Sander, minister of Sciences, Technology and Innovation. His plan comes eight months after a resolution in the Danish parliament.
FR: OpenMairie, competitive Open Source services for medium-sized cities
Open Source News – 15 March 2007 – France – Deployments and Migrations

OpenMarie, a French Open Source project aiming to develop governmental applications for medium sized French cities, is increasing the competition in the market for applications for public administrations.

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