Intellectual Property Conference: TACD Conference, Washington, 12-13 January

The Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue – a forum of US and EU consumer organizations – is organizing the “Patents, Copyrights and Knowledge Governance: The Next Four Years” conference in Washington, 12-13 January 2009.

Europe, WIPO and USA are all discussing IP policies, TACD now that the new US Administration is about to take place in Washington wants to bring some interested parties at the table.

Both the United States and the European Union are facing demands to modify policies on patents, copyrights and other forms of intellectual property protection, coming from different perspectives. There are high profile right-owner lobbying efforts directed at higher standards and tougher enforcement of intellectual property rights, and growing interest among consumer groups, academics and many innovative businesses to protect the public domain and retain or even expand user rights. There is also much interest in exploring newer approaches to the support of creative and inventive communities, that do not rely on notions of exclusive rights.

With the organisation of this event, the TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue calls for two days of discussion on the assessment and on the prospective of the American and European political and policy Agenda on intellectual property practices and policies.

Registration available on TACD’s website (Facebook group also available).