Software Patents: More on Stop Software Patents Initiative

The Stop Software Patent Initiative, earlier mentioned on this blog, is aiming at unifying the voices of European stakeholders willing to stop software patents.

Despite the European parliament five years ago adopted some amendments to limit the scope of software patentability,  and later the amended directive was rejected, the topic is hot again. At that time the parliament was listening to some multinationals, many European SMEs, free software associations and a lot of volunteers. Lobbyist like Florian Mueller were also part of the equation, playing an important role, I would say.

Initiatives like the world day Against software patents,  or the stop software patent initiative, are definitely a good thing. Not the ultimate answer to the problem though, I am afraid.

Keith Bergelt, Open Innovation Network‘s new appointed CEO, was clear telling me that OIN won’t collaborate with FFII or similar organizations to fight against software patents in Europe. OIN cares just about Linux, so far. That is a pity, considering that they are lobbying around Europe now.

Sign the petition if you are against software patents. Italy seems the country with more signatures now, well done!

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