Software Patents Clubs: Open Innovation Networks is back on stage

Open Innovation Network, an intellectual property company formed years ago by IBM, Novell, Philipps, Red Hat, Sony, and NEC to promote Linux by using patents to create a collaborative environment is back again.

Keith Bergelt, OIN CEO , few weeks ago was travelling around Europe to meet up with academic, entrepeneurs and influencers, and I got a chance to pose him few questions about OIN’s directions. OIN wants to foster open collaboration and sees patents as an impediment to such collaboration, possibly slowing down the innovation pace.

Keith says that in OIN’s vision there are “good” patents and “bad” patents, and they won’t take part in the European software patents debate. All in all OIN cares just about Linux, and middleware or application levels are not in OIN’s agenda for the time being. Google is proud to participate in OIN’s mission, as Di Bona made clear through the official google blog, and that is probably good for all (big) Linux end-users.

Will ever OIN go up in the open source software stack?

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