The Italian Linux Day foster the creation of “MS Office Angels”!

In occasion of the Linux Day 2008, that will take place on Saturday in 119 Italian cities, the Italian Linux Society and the Italian Association are launching a campaign for a special endangered specie. The campaign is aimed at helping the Microsoft Office users specie, a specie at risk by diffusion.

Microsoft Office DinosaursMicrosoft Office Dinosaurs by JamesB

ILS and PLIO members are engaged to save a Microsoft Office’s user helping her to progressively migrate to 3.0. In a early stage users would be allowed to use both suites, with a wider and wider use of OOo 3.0, to end by using just OOo.

“Microsoft itself admitted Microsoft Office’s users were destined for extinction, comparing them to dinosaurs”, says Michele From della Silvestra, ILS’s president. “That ads actually didn’t bring all of them to stop using Microsoft Office, so we decided along with PLIO to launch an initiative to foster the creation of “MS Office Angels”. MSOffice Angels are groups of volunteers aimed at helping Microsoft Office users to stop using it, and move to”.

Read the whole press release (Italian), and have fun with!

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