Web Publishing Fundamentals: Robin Good Launches POP

Robin Good just launched POP, Professional On-line Publisher, an easy way to learn and find out how to setup and maintain a successful web publishing project.

What strikes me as unique is the new approach, a new video-blog to share his experience. On one hand he doesn’t ask anything to share information that is both personal and valuable, offering even more goodies in exchange for your name and email. I asked him on a skype conversation what he is planning to do with his, and he answered:

For now I am planning to use POP only as video sharing venue where I can provide advice, and my personal discoveries about what I have found out to work when you are a professional web publisher. So you should expect more interesting video gifts in the coming weeks, where I will actually show you things that I have never shared with anyone before. Publishing strategy, monetization, marketing. I cover them all.

If you have a company blog you attend, I would suggest you to follow Robin’s initiative. I have learned a lot from him, and if he goes out of his way to share something about online publishing, I think he has something valuable to take away with you.

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