Open Source Pervasiveness, Analyst Relations, Nuxeo: links 29-10-2007

Hybrid environments – the realm of Open Source – I agree with Anthony at a greater extent: the whole future is hybrid.

Do’s and Don’ts for Analyst Briefings – James Governor’s post “Analyst Relations: Please Read This Before Talking To RedMonk” points to Michael Coté‘s do’s and don’ts for companies participating in analyst briefings. Enlightening.

bayon is backworking (again) at bayon – who has joined the Pentaho partner program as a Certified Systems Integrator – building a dedicated practice around Open Source BI technologies in the enterprise.
Getting to know Nuxeo, OSS ECM – Savio on a recent Nuxeo press release. I do also like the way Stefane Fermigier replied to the question about Alfresco. Cool.

Heineken: Disrupting a Commodity BusinessZack Urlocker, Disruption and.. beer!

Introducing the Funambol iPhone plug-in – Fabrizio Capobianco tells an interesting hacking story showing how Funambol’s architecture of participation welcomes small contributions.