Open Source ECM: Alfresco and Nuxeo news

Alfresco has announced that Proforma Global has selected Alfresco’s document management solution, while Nuxeo has just announced the availability of Nuxeo Enterprise Platform 5.1.

Proforma Global is a division of Proforma, a $300 million company with 650 offices worldwide. It provides some 30,000 clients with fully integrated solutions for both print and electronic communications, designed to serve its clients’ industry-specific graphic communications, commercial printing, promotional and multimedia needs

Proforma Global, a division of Proforma, use Alfresco to help one of its customers to collaborate on and update the look and content of product data sheets among personnel throughout the world.

Matt Asay, Alfresco’s VP Marketing of Business Development, said:

The great thing about Proforma’s adoption of Alfresco is that it was on its terms, not ours. Proforma evaluated the software for months before contacting Alfresco to purchase our support and other services. With Alfresco’s open source and open standards Enterprise Content Management solution, Proforma has complete control of its own content, as it should.

This is the true value of open source: it returns control to the customer, letting them how or if to engage a vendor. For Alfresco, this has meant that we can’t rest on our laurels (i.e., our software). The software may get the customer interested, but it’s the value we provide around the software that closes the deal.

I am happy to see that UK’s position as the open source laggard of Europe is changing in Alfresco’s opinion, and it’s not the first signal in this direction.

Talking about Nuxeo, the updated platform provides an infrastructure designed to meet the needs of large scale enterprises SOA oriented, with first implementations in the media, energy and defense sectors.

Stefan Fermigier, Nuxeo CEO, asked about the UK market commented:

We’re going to announce next week our biggest deal in the UK and the UK market already represents approximately 20% of our global business.

UK seems to start looking with more interest to commercial open source solutions today.

If you are evaluating Open Source Enterprise Content Management solutions, have a look at Alfresco and Nuxeo QSOS sheets before, it might help you. Ohloh comparation is also available.

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