EC Fundings How-To, Open Source eGovernment Study, Open Source Master Course: European Open Source Links, 15-10-2008

EU: Practical Guide to EU Funding Opportunities for Research and Innovation – What you always want to know about how to get funded by the EC and you never dared to ask! The guide allows potential beneficiaries to quickly identify exactly how they can access European funding at every stage of a project.

ES: Open Source eGovernment study – Spain National Open Source Software Observatory just published its first report on open source usage in public administrations.

IT: University starts Open Source master course – OSOR website reports about the master course on open source just launched by the University of Perugia. Aim of the master course is to help students to be open source ready, in order to be tomorrow’s contributors, providing them also with the know how to integrate open source software also with proprietary systems.