Masters Course in Open Source: Orvieto

The “Centro Studi Città di Orvieto” – a center for higher education and research, located in the medieval city of Orvieto (Italy) -on Saturday will host a one day event dedicated to the economic impact of open source on innovation and the competitiveness of local Hi-Tech SMEs.

OrvietoOrvieto (Duomo) by Mirjam75

The event will bring together entrepreneurs, local government institutions and citizens, introducing also the audience to a master course on “Sistemi e tecnologie Free Libre Open Source per la società dell’informazione e della comunicazione”(eng: FOSS systems and tools for the Information and Communication Society).

The masters course is organized by the university of Perugia in collaboration with the Centro Studi Città di Orvieto, and it is part of a broader initiative to create a network fostering dialogue between SMEs and local public institutions on how to achieve economic growth getting advantage of free software availability.

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