Open Source Conference: Open Source World Conference 2008, Malaga 20-22 October

The Open Source World Conference, taking place in Malaga (Spain), from October 20 to 22, is one of the most important FLOSS event in Europe.

The aim of the Conference is to demonstrate that free and open source software is a consolidated reality worth investing in, and not just a powerful, solid and safe solution.  

Malaga Malaga in my open source heart by Trébol AzulI have been just informed that the paper I coauthored with Flavia Marzano entitled “The importance of being called an open standard: standards compliance and the role of European public administrations” has been accepted by the Open Source World Conference Technical Committee.As I mentioned before today IT vendors are not asked to prove that their software products are meeting open standards‘ specifications. Since there is no organization that assess standards compliance, citizens have just to rely on implementors’ statements of compliance. We believe that T this issue need to be openly addressed, and Public Administrations can play an important role.

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