Open Source Conference: Profoss Open Source ERP events

ERP software is at the core of a business’ operations, from stock management to accounting, from efficiency measurement to activity planning.

Few other applications could be more crucial to a company’s continued operations. So it’s not a surprise that ERP is the subject of a Profoss event. It fits perfectly Profoss‘ goal to inform professional ICT people of the possibility to use Free and Open Source Software in the most critical operations of a company.

ERPERP by xcode

And Free and Open Source Software clearly has demonstrated its ability to stand in critical environments: from space exploration to SME.

This central position of ERP software often makes it a challenge to deploy it: it is a complex project that needs the commitment of multiple teams in a company. Proprietary ERP solutions are available but the software itself often makes it difficult to deploy (some even say it’s done on purpose). And these deployment costs come on top of the hefty license costs. Moreover, lots of companies don’t need the whole range of features brought by these ERP solutions, and would be served well by choosing simpler solution better fitting their needs.

Luckily, there are viable Free and Open Source solutions available. The hardest part might be to identify the best solution. And that’s where Profoss wants to help you. We’ll bring specialist of the field to share their experience and help you decide what’s the best solution for you. We’ll even have a talk titled ‘How to choose my Open Source ERP system’!

As this subject is very broad, the event will be split in two sessions: one on 18 November focusing on the ERP applications themselves, and on session on 2 December focusing on peripheral applications and integrating ERP systems in your current infrastructure.

No speaker has been officially announced, but you may expect to have leading figures from at least OpenERP, Adempiere, OpenBravo and Compiere.To stay up to date with the advancement of the event organisation, you can subscribe to the Profoss Newsletter or the Profoss Feed.

This event will take place in Brussels, but we’re looking to possibly organise it in other locations throughout Europe. If you want to see such a Profoss event take place near you, be sure to contact us!

About Profoss.
Profoss is in the process of being established as an Belgian non-profit association, with the goal to provide independent and objective information on the use of Free and Open Source technologies in professional environments.

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