Third Major Release announced, thoughts about the importance of Extensions

The Italian and the English announcements of the third major release of yesterday went out,  and today the whole website is struggling to cope with the demand for the new release 3.0 of

Here some excerpts of the English press release.

Edinburgh, UK (PRWEB) October 13, 2008 — Celebrated at a launch party in Paris today, and just in time for the eighth birthday of the project, the Community today announced the release of 3.0. The third major update of the leading productivity suite delivers significant enhancements and advanced, extensible, productivity tools for all users, including Mac users, as now runs natively on the Mac OS X platform. 3.0 is more than a simple productivity application. With this release the basic components, which include word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, graphics, formula and database capabilities, can easily be supplemented by extensions downloaded from the extensions repository. Instead of feature bloat, 3.0 gives users in enterprises, offices, schools, as well as home users the freedom to configure their suite their way.

I like the Italian press release more, and it is not just because I am the Institutional Relationship Manager for the Italian association and a member of the Italian OOo marketing team. We stressed the importance to be a serious challenger for Microsoft in the Italian market, providing also some numbers (3.580.000 downloads so far this year, one every 7 seconds). We highlighted also that the architecture allows third parties contributions, knowing that many are not familiar with the notion of extensions yet.

McCreesh, Marketing Project Lead for, actually said similar things, as reported by ZDNet, mentioning OpenOffice 3.0 increased focus on the integration of extensions:

What we are doing is improving the way people can build extensions so, rather than keep on increasing the size of OpenOffice, people can download additional functionality if they particularly need it.

As seen with Funambol, Sun basically retains almost full control of decision making and IP ownership. Despite within the community there are some tension between control and openness, now the modular architecture allows subproject creation. And third parties’ extrinsic motivations may vary. migrations are not easy yet, but the state of enterprise applications integrations can change now.

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