Italian Association meets its first goal: Press release

“ Italian Association meets its first goal”

PLIO, 26th of February 2007 – The Association PLIO, the Italian community of volunteers who develop, support and promote the open-source office productivity suite,, has met the first goal of the yearly program: the inclusion of the Italian dictionary and thesaurus – released by Italian volunteers – in one of the next official versions of

In the very next future the full release (dictionary and thesaurus included) of Italian version, today available for download only by PLIO servers, will be available also by the official site.

Sun Microsystems, primary sponsor and contributor, through the authoritative voice of Simon Phipps, Chief Open Source Officer of Sun, announced the decision on Roberto Galoppini’s blog. Galoppini had previously written an open letter to Simon Phipps on behalf of the Association asking help with Sun’s legal team to get a public comment about the implications of distributing the dictionary and the thesaurus with

Roberto Galoppini, one of PLIO’s historical members and recently appointed PLIO Institutional Relationship Manager, commented:

Simon Phipps’s comment, nowadays the most visited page of my blog, returns a positive feedbacks from Sun’s lawyers and announces that the inclusion of our great facilities will proceed forthwith – and I guess before this summer we’ll get them included in the official version.

The problem was due to a suspected licenses mismatch between the linguistic tools’ license and the one. I am convinced that the PLIO Association for Sun might be an important interlocutor within the community, and this is just the first goal in the direction to build a more collaborative dialogue.

PLIO Association can be found at the following address: PLIO is on duty for the Italian Native-Lang Project, that can be found at the following address:, where is available for download the last version of the suite, namely 2.1.

Roberto Galoppini, commercial open source software and open source business models expert, founder of the first Italian open source consortium. His blog can be found at the following address:

PLIO, the Italian Native-Lang Project, is the Italian community of volunteers who develop, support and promote the open-source office productivity suite, supports the Open Document Format for Office applications (standard ISO/IEC 26300) and is available on major computing platforms in over 90 languages, available to 90% of the world-wide population in their own mother tongue. is provided under the GNU Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL), can be legally used in any context.

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