Barcamp: Piublog 2007

The fourth Roman barcamp – Piublog 2007 – took place today within the event “Più libri più liberi” (eng.: more books, more freedom), the annual fair of the independent Italian publishing houses, held since 2002. A good chance to meet again old friends or why not make new ones on a gloomy, raining day in Rome.

Leo Sorge was a very nice host, embarrassed because the venue actually wasn’t totally appropriate for a barcamp, being just a single room and lacking of Wi-Fi facilities. Fabio Masetti opened the barcamp, later Riccardo Cambiassi – who originally “imported” the barcamp in Italy – impressed me with a cool slideshow on barcamping.
In the afternoon I enjoyed Nicola Mattina on corporate blogging, and Piergiorgio Lucidi introduction to microformats and Semantic Web.

I spent also time talking with people, among others Antonio Pavolini, Andrea Martines,  Feba, Giulio Gaudiano e Stefano Epifani. I met for the very first time Dario Salvelli and I suggested Nicola Risitano (LSLUG, OpenCamp) to have a look at the Open Source Guide for SMEs. Andrea Genovese was supposed to talk about his coworking project, but eventually Fabio Masetti spoke on behalf of him.

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