Jolt Awards Nominations: Nominations are open!

Dr. Dobb’s Journal invites all vendors to participate in the 18th Annual Jolt Product Excellence Awards, aimed at recognizing innovative products, books and web sites that have “jolted” the software development industry in 2007. Nominations for the 18th Annual Jolt Product Excellence Awards are now open. The deadline for nominations is December 3, 2007.

JoltThe more participants we have the more fun the award will be by jc_iverson’s

Software development has grown from an elite set of tools that everyone knew about and used, to today’s prolific industry awash with hundreds of products that morph and evolve with such swiftness and complexity that it is virtually impossible for developers to keep up with the changing market. Which products should they continue to use? Which upgrades and new versions are worthwhile? Which new tools’ performance and usability far outstrip their competitors? What is the new killer app? Enter the Jolt Product Excellence Awards: We recognize the most innovative, trend-making, ahead-of-the-curve products. Jolt-award winners are the software products, books and websites that developers should be using today.

I have been introduced by Seth Grimes and now I am a Jolt Awards judge. Seth is doing it for the second year, and may be is not by casualty that Pentaho was the winner in the Enterprise Tools category.

There are many categories, and while the regular cost for each nomination is 300 USD, Open Source and no profit companies can pay 40 USD, but products supported and funded by a non-open source parent company are not eligible for the reduced entry fee.

Among Jolt Award judges quite a few are also fellow bloggers, like Jeff Atwood, Chris Minnick, Larry O’Brien, Peter Westerman and MichaelYuan.

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