Open Source Facts and Figures: links 21-10-2007

What enterprise software can learn from community sites: Gary LittleDon Marti interviews Gary Little, a partner at Morgenthaler Ventures to talk about VCs investments in open source firms.

2007-10-18 | Open source VoIP being slowly accepted – Apparently Kerravala from Yankee Group thinks that at the current time Open Source VoIP is still immature..

Catching up with Terracotta: Transition to Open Source, Adoption, Hibernate SupportAri Zilka Terracotta‘s CTO says that with open source your number one competitor becomes yourself, and to find more creative value-adds than just support.

Social Responsibility Advocates Demand Open Source Action From Oracle – At the November Oracle Social Responsibility initiative two corporate/social responsibility advocates will likely require the Oracle board to “issue, at reasonable expense, an Open Source Social Responsibility Report to shareholders by April 2008 that discusses the social and environmental impacts of Oracle’s existing and potential open source policies and practices.” Is Social Responsibility the ultimate weapon?

Software Patents: Innovation’s QuicksandJeff Kaplan reports that Professor Maskin researches showed that strong patent protection produced less R&D spending, and slowed productivity growth.

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