Open Source Jobs: Alfresco and Funambol look for a Community Manager

The Mobile Open Source company Funambol, and Alfresco, the Open Source alternative for Enterprise Content Management, are both currently looking for a community manager.

Alfresco at the present stage has a Community Relations open position, while Funambol has to fill the Funambol Community Manager role.

The forceOur Community Manager by JJay

Apparently there are no many open positions like that, looking at opensourcexperts or similar sites I didn’t find any. Despite uncommon, I think it is really wise from both of them trying to empower their communities. I think also that the Funambol community and Alfresco’s one are quite different.

Talking with Fabrizio Capobianco – Funambol CEO – while in Rome to join the VentureCamp, I happened to know about the Code Sniper and Phone Sniper programs. Besides those programs, Funambol’s architecture of participation welcomes small contributions, allowing individuals to more easily participate.
I didn’t get a chance yet to speak with Matt Asay about Alfresco’s practical approach to collaboration, but reading the two job descriptions I see a difference. Alfresco is looking for a marketing-oriented role, reporting to the Chief Marketing Officer, while Funambol’s position seems more technical.

Will you take the challenge?

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