Open Source Links: 07-07-2007

Is Red Hat doing its part to win the ‘open source’ war?Ashley Vance says that If Tiemann wants to create a muscular division between the badgeware bastardizers and the open source faithful, we’ll need to see a much more focused effort from the top.

How will open source do in a talent-short age? – Dana thinks open source will more than thrive in a talent-short world. Would SourceKibitzer be the ultimate resource to replace programmers? What about other languages and environments?

MySQL CEO MÃ¥rten Mickos: What Open Source Is Really All About – MySQL CEO explains the way they are preventing predatory behaviors: using the GPL, retaining maximum control over product roadmap and taking advantage of the “best code here” position (i.e. technical support is not copyable by others).

Open Source ETLPhilip Howard, who previously wrote “the case for open source ETL“, says that Talend may have entered the open source ETL market late, but it looks that it will soon be a market leader.

Stallman Shoots Free Software Movement in Foot. Again – What is wrong with subversion?

Returns on open source VC investments – Savio Rodrigues quoting Matt Aslett who in turn was reporting Gianugo Rabellino makes a deep analysis to guess why VCs fundings to series ‘B’ and above are increasing while series ‘A’ seems to be drying up for OSS vendors.