Italian Startups: Mind the Bridge Workshop, some impressions

Few days ago I joined the first “Mind the Bridgeworkshop, a program aimed at helping tomorrow’s Italian entrepreneurs.

I really enjoyed joining the event, organized by 1GN, Partnership4Growth and BAIA Italia. Luigi Orsi Carbone speech on how to write a business model was a good start, while what Italian VCs had to say was pretty depressing.

On the other hand it was a great pleasure to listen to Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, his talk was the exact combination of inspiration and festivity that every entrepreneur must first seek in herself.

It was also interesting to listen to participants’ speeches, but I had little chance to pose deeper questions to PassPack‘s proponents Francesco Sullo and Tara Kelly, while I spent the whole evening with Stefano Grini, JabberOut‘s proponent.

Italian VCs look too hard to court, offer very little money compared to their US counterpart, and last but not least ask really too much in terms of shares and obligations.

Do you have a brilliant idea? Get in touch with Richard Boly here in Rome, or take a plane and ask Fabrizio Capobianco to show you the way.

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