Open Source Initiative about Attribution: you decide!

Answering a comment about the attribution debate I wrote I believed that OSI had a good chance to show the world why we need them, finding a way to close the debate, as soon as possible.

Today I learn that Michael Tiemann, Red Hat Chief Technology Officer and OSI President, posted a message on the mailing-list saying:

[..]In the case of the SocialText license, I feel there’s significant risk that if we take on the responsibility of making the arguments, we may create a bias that is not faithful to the real arguments you want to make. Therefore, we’d like to invite those who think we should not approve the SocialText license to work out a common position on *why* we should not approve it, which could inform how SocialText could remedy your concerns. And we’d like to invite those who think we should approve it (or should approve it with some minor change) to work out a common position on why we *should* approve it. If one or both sides an biore willing to do this, I think that the Board’s decision process will appear much more transparent.

The OSI Board it’s likely to make the decision within February, but besides appearing more transparent they risk to delegitimate themselves..