Marc Fleury leaves Red Hat

Marc Fleury joined Red Hat last year after JBoss acquisition as senior VP of JBoss division, and yesterday announced that he won’t be back.

Fleury complained about a lack of support for Jboss and now he said that he has decided to leave Red Hat to pursue other personal interests.

Red Hat released the following statement from Fleury on Friday:

I have done what I can to help Red Hat succeed. People need to understand that open source is a tsunami that is transforming the software industry in its wake and its inevitability is now well beyond challenge or the force of individual personality.

While we haven’t heard the last of Fleury, we know that Fleury named JBoss as an example of so called “professional open source“, in which a company forms around the project, owning the code and all key developers.

So, what happens to professional open source firms, when key people leave?

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