Google reader: trends, tricks but search!

I recently starting using Google reader, and I found interesting Brady Forrest post on O’Reilly Radar about Google reader’s trends, a page filled with graphs and widgets that keeps you up-to-date on your own usage.

Reading the Official Google Reader Blog you can find many hints and adds-on, but what I’m really missing is a search facility within my feeds. Anne Curie, from Qlockwork, commenting Brady Forrest post agreed with me:

I agreee that a search facility is very useful in this kind of tool. I use a tool called Qlockwork ( that tracks where I spend my on-line time (as well as everything else I do). One of the most useful features is the ability to search. (Full disclosure: I’m a developer on Qlockwork, so I’m biased, I also forget to tag or bookmark stuff all the time so totally rely on search).