Microsoft Open Source, Open Solaris, Mozilla: links 28-10-2007

Microsoft open source may be good for open source Jay Lyman at 451 CAOS says that Microsoft’s move might also help to further legitimize open source. I am not alone now.

An OpenSolaris by Any Other Name: The Q&A – Great post by Sogrady, really interesting. By the way, I am wondering if RedMonk folks will give any soon its feedbacks on Open Source Franchising.. ;-)

Mozilla’s Prism to Pull Web Apps Off the BrowserMozilla Labs are working hard to create an environment for PC users in which Web applications function on the desktop with the same ease of use as desktop applications.

Linux Losing Market Share to Windows ServerJeremy on the matter, replying to an eweek article.

Linux distro for women? Thanks, but no thanksTina Gasperson asks what could we eventually include in a female version of Linux, and it sounds ridiculous to her. I agree.

Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL feature comparison Part 2Sean Hull published the second part of its comparison, here the first part.

Anti-FeaturesBenjamin Mako-Hill reports on Planet Debian about his essay on anti-features.

Sabre Speaks to Network World about Identity Management & Sun – Kurtis Holland from Sabre Holding speaks with Paul Desmond about how his security challenge, centered around identity management.

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft Open Source, Open Solaris, Mozilla: links 28-10-2007

  1. Roberto,

    Arg, have to type this all again!!

    I’m enjoying your blog. I think I’m in the same space as you actually. I’ve been working with companies for over ten years, integrating Oracle with open-source technologies, so it always seemed an obvious mix to me. However sitting in at Oracle User Group events, and open-source ones, it is so dramatic the contrast of perspectives. For instance Oracle Open World (next week) or Collaborate (from IOUG) are so dramatically different from O’Reilly’s MySQL conference. I like you remain fairly agnostic about the whole thing.

    May the best solution to the problem at hand always win…

  2. Hi Sean,
    I really enjoyed your posts. Time by time I wrote posts about what I call “open source recommendations”, so you’re always welcome.

    About agnosticism, well, being defined as “an absence of knowledge (or any claim of knowledge)”, I prefer consider myself as atheist, defined as “”a condition of being without theistic beliefs”. To be honest to you I spent some years with the Church of Emacs, but I eventually turned to the dark side of open source! ;-)

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