1 6 17 22 .. Not Really a Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci Notes by Prab BhatiaThe last year I wrote only one blog post, the year before six, seventeen in 2013 and twelve in 2012.

Over the last years my blogging frequency went down the drain, for a number of reasons, some of which don’t really apply anymore.

Try to write more often didn’t really work for me, though.

“Just trying” was not enough, I suspect Yoda was right.

I’ll shoot for at least one post per week as a minimum viable schedule, and I feel like starting the first day of the year sounds like a good enough special date.

I’ve also decided to move to a more modern theme for the occasion, a classic, I would say: Automattic’s P2.

I’ll keep writing about open source, either commercial or not, but I’ll definitely spend more time on things I do. As such I’ll talk about companies I’m an advisor to, open source projects I’m involved with or those I occasionally help to be more visible.