Open Source CMS Awards 2009: My favorite Winner is…

Last week Packt has announced that Drupal has won both the best open source PHP CMS Category and the Hall of Fame new category. Having been one of the judges for the first category, I wish to share some thoughts about my number 1, 2 and 3.

My favorite CMS would have been WordPress, followed by Drupal and then Joomla! My decision was taken using a set of tools, analyzing a number of different metrics like type and dimension of the community, comments and code modularity, Q&A tools and processes, support available, documentation, roadmap and so forth.

Apparently WordPress is the most famous, as reports Dries Buytaert himself.

Beyond its popularity I like how WordPress roadmap take into account users’ ideas. The possibility to influence at some extent the roadmap is interesting, but WordPress web hosting at it is probably the principal reason why WordPress is famous (at least as a blog platform).

Even if WordPress didn’t win in my category, WordPress has been awarded the Overall Best Open Source CMS.

All open source CMS deserve attention, if in doubt which one to use, have a look at Open Source CMS matrix or go through QSOS CMS evaluation score cards.